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Тест по Английскому языку на знание грамматического правила "Глагол. The Present Continuous" тест №3

Глагол. The Present Continuous, The Present Simple


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  1. What time ______ for dinner tonight?
    Nick and Rosa are coming
    do Nick and Rosa come
    are Nick and Rosa coming
  2. I ______ in the car now.
    am waiting
    is waiting
  3. Take your umbrella. It ______ cats and dogs.
    are raining
    is raining
  4. My Dad _____ overtime this week.
    are working
    is working
  5. I really _____ snakes after that case.
    am detesting
    am detest
  6. At the moment we _____ over the desert.
    have flying
    are flying
  7. I ________ what you said.
    am thinking about
    am thinking
    think about
  8. Look! David and Max _______ home.
    are coming
    have come
  9. My dog Charlie ______ to the park.
    is running
    does run
  10. People _____ in gods from the earliest times.
    are believe
    is believe





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