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Тест по Английскому языку на знание грамматического правила "Глагол, Страдательный залог" Тест № 2

Active, Passive voice. Глагол,

Страдательный залог тест № 2:


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  1. We ... by a loud noise during the night.
    woke up
    are woken up
    were woken up
    were waking up
  2. A new supermarket is going to ... next year.
    be built
    be building
  3. There’s somebody walking behind us. I think ... .
    we are following
    we are being following
    we are followed
    we are being followed
  4. ‘Where ...?’ ‘In London’.
    were you born
    are you born
    have you been born
    did you born
  5. There was a fight at the party, but nobody ... .
    was hurt
    were hurt
  6. Jane ... to phone me last night, but she didn’t.
    is supposed
    was supposed
  7. Where ...? Which hairdresser did you go to?
    did you cut your hair
    have you cut your hair
    did you have cut your hair
    did you have your hair cut
  8. ... during the storm.
    They were collapsed the fence
    The fence was collapsed
    They collapsed the fence
    The fence collapsed
  9. The new computer system ... next month.
    is being installed by people
    is be installed
    is being installed
    is been installed
  10. The children ... to the zoo.
    were enjoyed taken
    enjoyed being taken
    were enjoyed taking
    enjoyed taking
  11. ... chair the meeting.
    John was decided to
    There was decided that John should
    It was decided that John should
    John had been decided to
  12. This car is not going ... in the race.
    to drive
    to be drive
    to driven
    to be driven
  13. Will these clothes ... by Saturday?
    be make
    be made
  14. The mice ... the cheese.
    have eaten
    have been eaten
    has eaten
    has been eaten
  15. When a student I ... to the discos every Friday night.
    used to go
    are used to go
    use to go
    were used to go
  16. Neither Jim nor Jack ... there.
    was invited
    was been invited
    were invited
    were been invited
  17. Your food ... .
    is still being prepared
    has still been prepared
    is being prepare
    will prepare yet
  18. Their engagement ... in the local paper.
    was announced
    has been announcing
    is being announced
    had announced
  19. When ...?
    has the letter posted
    has the letter been posted
    was the letter posted
    did the letter post
  20. After the volcanic eruption of 1957 the railway station ... .
    destroyed completely
    was completely destroyed
    has been destroyed
    has destroyed




Tests | by Dr. Radut