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Тест по Английскому языку на знание грамматического правила "Глагол. Present Simple" тест №1

Глагол. Present Simple, Present Progressive


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  1. The level, when water _____ at sea, is 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
    is boiling
  2. I … tomatoes and potatos in my garden.
    usually grow
    am usually growing
  3. Do you speak English? I …. My brother is teaching me.
    am learning
  4. I would like to lose weight, so I … supper this week.
    am not eating
    do not eat
  5. Tom is in Warsaw at the moment. He … at the Mariott Hotel.
    is staying
  6. Can you see those people? I wonder what … about.
    do they talk
    they are talking
  7. My brother is looking for a place to live. He … with me until he finds somewhere.
    is staying
  8. He is amazingly talented at languages. He … seven languages very well.
    is speaking
  9. I have lost my pen again. I … things.
    always loose
    am always losing
  10. Usually I … at 3.00, but this month I have worked until 5.00 to earn more money.
    am finishing




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