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Тест по Английскому языку на знание грамматического правила "Глагол The Present Perfect Continous"

Глагол The Present Perfect Continous

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  1. She … all the horses in this stable.
    has ridden
    has been riding
  2. He … on every bed in this room and he does nоt like any of them.
    has slept
    has been sleeping
  3. She … . That is why she is wearing breeches.
    has ridden
    has been riding
  4. The students … very hard this year.
    have worked
    have been working
  5. She … for a rise in salary for two months but she has nоt dared to ask for it.
    has hoped
    has been hoping
  6. He his … key and he has been trying to wake his flatshare by throwing stones at his window.
    has been loosing
    has lost
  7. He … stones at the wrong window.
    has been throwing
    has thrown
  8. I … too fast. That is why I am so tired.
    have walked
    have been walking
  9. He … his car. That is why his hands are so dirty.
    has greased
    has been greasing
  10. She … . Somebody else ought to drive.
    has drunk
    has been drinking
  11. We … sandwiches for the party all the afternoon.
    have made
    have been making
  12. She … in this school for three years.
    has taught
    has been teaching




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